Inspired by a Lifestyle

At Guapa Co. we want to inspire people with our designs; we come from a background of surf, skate, snow and we thought it would be cool to show our passion of these sports and our adventures of travel through our products.

So we did; we are inspired to create products we want for ourselves, that have never been made or have existed before and doing all this with our own distinct design aesthetics that are synonymous to our brand. 


Natural Evolution

A lot of our designs and aesthetics are inspired by the materials, construction and also originate from the same supply chain as the lifestyle sports of surf, skate and snow. We love being immersed in nature and this also inspires us to use and be part of our products. Our bikes are a true testament to this evolution of natural materials and combining them with modern materials to reach a compromise of natural beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.



The Original Wooden Headwear  

Back in 2014 whilst prototyping and building our bicycles on journey home we came up with the idea of incorporating all we had learnt with wood laminates that are commonly used in surf & snow sports board manufacture and inject the aesthetics into headwear - so that you felt you have a part of that lifestyle with you everyday through the look and feel of ours visors.

The idea was born and Guapa Co. released the world's first wooden peaked headwear to the market in 2015!


Currently we are making two types of wooden visor designs; bamboo and walnut. All our visors are hand made and expertly crafted to an exacting thickness, stiffness and weight. All the visors use sustainably sourced wood and are finished off with a high quality laser engraving before being finished with a natural wood oil.


(Left) Eco Sustainable Bamboo  (Right) Walnut Wood Visor


Surf Series Visor | Inspired by Surf 


The founders of Guapa Co. have a background in surf, from shaping custom boards to fin design & testing. We thought it would be awesome to inject some of the aesthetics and feel of the surf industry into an item that can be with you whether your travelling to the next big break or living life in the city.

We took a big gamble to introduce something completely fresh and that has never been done before. Our surf visors peaks are expertly crafted individually using advanced technologies in a surf factory. This is a special item that shares it's manufacturing roots with the industry that the product is designed to assimilate with.