Our Journey

If you are reading this you have stumbled across the beginnings of a craftsmans’ vision of creating truly unique sustainable gear for everyday travel.

It all started in a small workshop in England in 2016, where we began designing and prototyping the gear we wanted to be using for travel; from eco-bamboo bikes, to unique cap designs, laptop cases and backpacks.

Our vision involves taking materials, processes and build quality associated with indiviudal crafted items and make them accessible to more people.

World's First & Original Wooden Headwear

We invented the wood visor cap after playing around with the idea in our workshop and building the first sample there. We only use FSC certified wood and opt to use more bamboo than any other woods in general. Our visors are super strong, lightweight, beautifully finished with individual laser etched logo details.

Our Mission (E.E.E)


conscious of our environmental impact, making things last longer and one day fulfilling full cradle-to-grave product design.


everything we do has our signature style & we push to develop something unique and a lot of the time world firsts.


make products that deserve to exist and stand test of time.