Urban One | Single Speed | Bamboo & Flax Composite Bike

Urban One is one of the world's most beautiful and advanced wood composite bikes available that is entirely engineered and hand crafted in the UK. 

Our production bike is the most advanced and highest specification bicycle we could build. We designed Urban One to be minimal, simple to use and an absolute pleasure to ride.

With the use of Bamboo and Flax the bicycle is extremely strong, lightweight and has a ride characteristic that is unique - it feels responsive and stiff yet able to soak up the bumps in the road.

Single Speed Specification

    • Frame | 540mm Bamboo & Flax Pre-Preg Composite
    • Fork | Aluminium
    • Headset | Tange Seiki Aluminium Headset & Titanium Headtube Lug
    • Handlebars | Aluminium Alloy Straight 5deg
    • Crank Set | Alloy 7075 Crank with Hollow Tech System
    • Pedals | Custom CNC Machined Alloy
    • Stem | Custom CNC Machined Alloy
    • Grips | Custom Slender Grips
    • Saddle | Custom Saddle
    • Wheels | Sealed Alloy Hub with Calliper Brakes
    • Tyres | Schwalbe Marathon Pro 700 x 32C
    • Brakes | Calliper Brakes
    • Transmission | Chain
    • Frame Weight | 3.1 kg
    • Complete Single Speed Weight | 8.9 kg

Our Bike Frames are almost 100% Sustainable!

The unique design and choice of materials means that our bicycle frames are almost 100% Sustainable. The entire frame is made from a combination of Bamboo & Flax Composite. The resin is the only part of the frame that is not from a sustainable source, however we plan to improve upon this as advances continue in this industry. Saving the planet by cycling instead of driving and then doing so on one of our bikes is taking sustainable transport to another level.


Strong & Built to Last!

It was highly important our bicycles are not just a piece of art, a gimmick or something that just looks pretty. They are extremely strong, usable and highly durable machines. We smashed the European Standards ISO Testing and surpassed the failure performance of well known Aluminium & Steel Framed bikes.


Craftmanship - Designed & Manufactured by us!

To reach the quality, finish and performance required of our bikes the only option is to build them ourselves. We believe that to create something worth having, you must dedicate yourself, your resources and spend the time to work with the product you are creating. We know everything there is to know about our bikes, from design to manufacture. It is this which makes our bikes special, one of a kind and a true piece of craftsmanship. Our bikes are a statement of intent for the future, to create something useful, that deserves to exist and will become timeless enough to hand down to the next generation. 


Performance & Beauty

Our bikes have been thoroughly tested, having been in development now for around 2 years and have been ridden 1000's of Kms across England & Spain. If the performance doesn't have you smiling the stunning natural good looks of our bikes might. They make people stop and stare, run down the street to ask where you go it and make people want to touch and pick it up.  


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